James Bauder

Operations Manager

James Bauder could never get the oilpatch out of his blood.

At age 18, he started on a Texoma drill truck, but eventually left to work six years for an Edmonton advertising and signage company.

Then he came back to operating vacuum and water trucks at gas and oil drilling rigs across Western Canada.

“I think the main reason I returned to the ‘patch’ was because it was fun,” says James. “I enjoyed being in the trucks out in the wilderness, basically in charge of myself and my equipment.”

At age 32, he took another hiatus from the oilfield to work for Dow Chemical Canada and for Jacobs industrial as a union scaffolder. Then the pull came again. Back to the oilfield where he worked for several small companies before meeting up with Pitbull.

He joined the innovative company and operated a vacuum truck for two years before being named Operations Manager in 2012.

“My attraction to Pitbull was the fact it was a small, but growing company,” says James. “It gave me the opportunity to grow with it. Some companies send you out and forget about you. That’s not how we do it at Pitbull.”