Sami Hayek


Sami is a well-known professional in the Oil & Gas industry in Western Canada. He is the owner and president of Pitbull Energy Services Inc., a fast-growing oil and gas services company. Pitbull has demonstrated considerable growth over the years with the addition of water truck and invert system service lines to its existing vacuum truck business.

In conjunction with its equipment fleet, Pitbull has developed an industry-leading safety program. This safety program was generated off the idea that positive safety culture must be cascaded through an organization from the top down. Sami is also creating a new human resource model for energy service companies built on a loyal and committed workforce. This is demonstrated by his leading-edge employee benefits and the personal involvement he and the management team have with each and every employee.

Sami continues to apply his diverse skill set, including brand management and marketing with the ability to set his companies apart from their competitors on many levels. He is growth orientated and believes in delivery of the very best customer service to all his clients. With the company’s ongoing commitment to safety and service excellence, Pitbull has been able to meet and exceed the needs of leading oil and gas companies in the industry.

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