Sami Hayek


Sami Hayek has a vision in his head and callouses on his hands. He is as adept on a job site as he is in a corporate boardroom. He’s a symbol of the Alberta dream — a self-made entrepreneur who started as low man on a rig site and saved every hard-earned dime to realize his goals.

Hayek started as a lease hand after graduating high school in Spruce Grove. You might say he’d found his game.

In less than three years of hard work and disciplined saving he bought a shiny new vacuum truck and put it to work for Encana Energy in Fort Nelson, B.C. Hayek then underwent a process of learning the business up close and personal. He operated the truck himself for four years all over Western Canada.

Always on the look-out for learning opportunities, in 2008 Sami became involved with the Wok Box food franchise where he learned about branding and the importance of being at the forefront when it comes to marketing platforms and having an impact on your target audience. He put this to work in Pitbull by creating and building the Pitbull brand which is now recognized across Western Canada from the detailed decaling of the equipment fleet to his business cards on the downtown streets of Calgary. Hayek’s creative vision prompted him to acquire the rights to the Canadian franchise Wok Box for the entire Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. Although he is hands-off in this venture now, he credits his experience learning about business in a volatile part of the world for his ability to deliver quality services against long odds. The experience, he says, helps Pitbull operate in today’s oil and gas industry, with its demands for high-calibre service with commitments to safety and environmental protection.

In 2010, Hayek sat down and developed an aggressive growth strategy for Pitbull. The company then grew at an accelerated pace year after year and despite the crash of oil in 2014, Pitbull Energy Services has been able to maintain their fleet and continue to exceed customers expectations.

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